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100DaysofYARA - CosmicRust

2024-01-04, GregLesewich
#TA444 #CosmicRust #YARA


100DaysofYARA - CosmicRust
100DaysofYARA - CosmicRust
Today another quick one for, you guessed it, a TA444 (aka Sapphire Sleet, BLUENOROFF, STARDUST CHOLLIMA) Macho family we call CosmicRust! This one is written in Rust, and feels like a less mature version of RustBucket (check out the blogs on RustBucket by the homies at JAMF and Elastic) - the main difference is CosmicRust uses WebSockets for communications.
CosmicRust, thankfully, used an ad-hoc certificate, and called itself
bot-client, and re-used some paths found in previous TA444 samples (as disclosed by our pals at SentinelOne) - thanks Carey!!
Now, like any good analyst, I’m told to hate on binaries written in Rust - we’ll start with normal metadata triage and see nothing to hate on so-far
$ emit CosmicRust_arm64 | machometa { "FileType": "THIN", "Slices": [ { "Header": { "Type": "mach_header_64", "Magic": 4277009103, "CPUType": "ARM64", "CPUSubType": "ALL", "FileType": "EXECUTE", "LoadCount": 22, "LoadSize": 2216, "Flags": [ "NOUNDEFS", "DYLDLINK", "TWOLEVEL", "PIE", "HAS_TLV_DESCRIPTORS" …


rule APT_NK_TA444_CosmicRust { meta: author = "Greg Lesnewich" description = "track CosmicRust backdoor" date = "2024-01-04" version = "1.0" hash = "5115be816d0cd579915d079573bfa384d78ac0bd33cc845b7a83a488b0fc1b99" hash = "045959bcc47fc8c3d4fdfe4e065bfbc18cf7c3101d2fafbea0c9160e7e0805bc" hash = "3315e5a4590e430550a4d85d0caf5f521d421a2966b23416fcfc275a5fd2629a" strings: $name = "bot_client" ascii $method = "basicinfo" ascii $func1 = "get_boottime" ascii $func2 = "get_arch" ascii $func3 = "get_version" ascii $func4 = "get_cwd" ascii $func5 = "home_dir" ascii $func6 = "set_cwd" ascii $func7 = "decode_string" ascii $func8 = "encode_string" ascii $func9 = "process_request" ascii $func10 = "process_response" ascii condition: ( uint32(0) == 0xfeedface or // Mach-O MH_MAGIC uint32(0) == 0xcefaedfe or // Mach-O MH_CIGAM uint32(0) == 0xfeedfacf or // Mach-O MH_MAGIC_64 uint32(0) == 0xcffaedfe or // Mach-O MH_CIGAM_64 uint32(0) == 0xcafebabe or // Mach-O FAT_MAGIC uint32(0) == 0xbebafeca // Mach-O FAT_CIGAM ) and ($name or $method) and 6 of ($func*) }