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2022 Activities Summary of SectorA groups (ENG)

2023-06-08, NSHC
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2022 Activities Summary of SectorA groups (ENG)
In 2022, hacking activities by a total of 7 SectorA subgroups were identified. The groups carry the aim of collecting advanced information such as political and diplomatic activities of the South Korean government, and simultaneously conduct hacking activities around the globe to secure financial resources.
While SectorA groups generally utilize malware in the form of files such as Microsoft Word and Excel, we also confirmed the increasing use of phishing web pages disguised as high-traffic internet services such as Naver and Google for their attacks.
An analysis of the activity of the SectorA groups during the year 2022 showed that the activity of SectorA05 group was the most prominent, followed by the activities of SectorA06 and SectorA01 groups.
[Figure 1: Activity levels of SectorA subgroups in 2022]
Looking at the industries that have been major targets of the SectorA groups attacks, the largest number of attacks were aimed …