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2023 Activities Summary of SectorA groups (ENG)

2024-05-22, NSHC
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2023 Activities Summary of SectorA groups (ENG)
Activity of SectorA Group
Threat Research Lab classifies SectorA groups into 7 subgroups. These groups aim to collect advanced information related to the government activities such as politics and diplomatic activities from the South Korean government, and at the same time, carry out hacking activities worldwide to secure financial resources.
Analysis of activities by SectorA groups in 2023 shows that activities by SectorA05 group was the most prominent, followed by SectorA02 group and SectorA01 group.
[Figure 1: Statistics of activities of SectorA groups identified in 2023]
SectorA hacking groups identified in 2023 carried out the highest number of attacks on workers and systems in financial industries, followed by research and government institutions.
[Figure 2: Statistics of Industries Targeted in 2023]
The following map illustrates the countries targeted by SectorA groups in 2023, with darker shades of red indicating higher frequencies of attacks. This shows that SectorA Group conducted the most …