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FortiGuard Labs Outbreak Alerts Annual Report 2023: A Glimpse into the Evolving Threat Landscape

2024-02-27, Fortinet
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In today’s dynamic threat environment, staying informed and proactive is crucial for any organization seeking to protect its networks. The FortiGuard Labs Outbreak Alerts Annual Report 2023 is a comprehensive resource that delves into real-world examples of attacks across diverse verticals, offering valuable insights into the most significant cyberattacks of 2023 and critical information that organizations can use to evaluate their cybersecurity posture.
Key Takeaways
- Growing threats: There was a 35% increase in outbreak alerts issued in 2023 over 2022, highlighting a surge in cyberthreats across various sectors.
- Top threats exposed: A detailed summary of seven major outbreaks provides insights into attacker tactics and potential network vulnerabilities.
- 2024 insights: Valuable insights into anticipated security challenges for 2024 enable organizations to proactively take preventive measures to stay ahead of the threat curve.
Numbers Tell the Story
- 2.4 trillion: The number of vulnerability exploitation attempts blocked by FortiGuard Labs demonstrates the widespread prevalence of …