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Monthly Threat Actor Group Intelligence Report, May 2023 (ENG)

2023-07-12, NSHC
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Monthly Threat Actor Group Intelligence Report, May 2023 (ENG)
This report is a summary of Threat Actor group activities analyzed by the NSHC ThreatRecon team based on data and information collected from 21 April 2023 to 20 May 2023. In May, activities by a total of 34 Threat Actor Groups were identified, in which activities by SectorA groups were the most prominent by 23%, followed by SectorC groups.
Threat Actors identified in May carried out the highest number of attacks on workers and systems in government agencies and commercial sectors. Regionally, Europe and North America were seen as the continents with the highest number of hacking activities targeted on.
1. Characteristics of SectorA Group Activities
Among the SectorA hacking groups receiving support from the North Korean government, activities by a total of 5 hacking groups were identified in May. The groups were SectorA01, SectorA02, SectorA04, SectorA05 and SectorA06 groups.
SectorA01 group was found to be …


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