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North Korean Hackers Return to Tornado Cash Despite Sanctions

2024-03-14, Elliptic
#HECO #HTX #MoneyLaundering


- $100 million was stolen from exchange HTX and its HECO cross-chain bridge in November 2023 - Elliptic has attributed this hack to North Korea’s Lazarus Group
- Over the past day, over $12 million from this hack has been laundered through Tornado Cash
- Lazarus turned to as its mixer of choice following sanctions on Tornado Cash in August 2022, but this service was seized by US authorities in November 2023
In November 2023, $100 million in cryptocurrency was stolen from crypto exchange HTX and its cross-chain bridge, known as HECO Bridge. Elliptic and others have attributed this theft to North Korea’s Lazarus group, based on various attributes of the hack and the subsequent movement of funds.
Following common crypto-laundering patterns, the stolen tokens were immediately swapped for ETH, using decentralized exchanges. The stolen funds then lay dormant until yesterday, March 13, when the stolen cryptoassets began to be sent through Tornado …