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North Korean Hackers Stole $600 Million in Crypto in 2023

2024-01-05, Trmlabs
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North Korean Hackers Stole $600 Million in Crypto in 2023
Hackers tied to North Korea stole at least USD 600 million in cryptocurrency in 2023, according to new research by TRM Labs. Additional hacks carried out in the final days of last year could, if confirmed to have been committed by North Korea, push this total to around USD 700 million.
The Democratic Peopleâs Republic of Korea (DPRK) was responsible for almost a third of all funds stolen in crypto attacks last year, despite a 30% reduction from the USD 850 million haul in 2022.Â
Hacks perpetrated by the DPRK were on average ten times as damaging as those not linked to North Korea. Nearly USD 3 billion worth of crypto has been lost to Pyongyang-linked threat actors since 2017.
North Korea conducts nearly all of its attacks by compromising private keys and seed phrases, which are critical security elements of digital wallets. Hackers …