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RATANKBA: Delving into Large-scale Watering Holes against Enterprises

2017-02-27, TrendMicro


RATANKBA: Delving into Large-scale Watering Holes
We provide further analysis and insights regarding the RATANKBA malware, which was tied to malware attacks against banks in Poland, but also in a string of similar incidents involving financial institutions in different countries.
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In early February, several financial organizations reported malware infection on their workstations, apparently coming from legitimate websites. The attacks turned out to be part of a large-scale campaign to compromise trusted websites in order to infect the systems of targeted enterprises across various industries. The strategy is typically known as a “watering hole” attack.
It was all sparked by a spate of recent malware attacks on Polish banks entailing a reportedly unknown malware in their own terminals and servers, along with the presence of dubious, encrypted programs/executables, and more prominently, suspicious network activity. More malware are delivered to the affected systems which were seen connecting to unusual and far-flung locations worldwide, …