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The Mac Malware of 2023

2024-01-01, Objective-see
MacMalware_2023.pdf, 14.0 MB
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The majority of samples covered in this post are available in our malware collection.
A printable (PDF) version of this report can be found here:
Goodbye 2023 …and hello 2024! 🥳
For what is now the 8th year in a row, I’ve put together a blog post that comprehensively covers all the new Mac malware that emerged throughout the year.
While the specimens may have been reported on before (for example by the AV company that discovered them), this blog aims to cumulatively and comprehensively cover all the new Mac malware of 2023 - in one place …yes, with samples available for download!
After reading this blog post you will have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of latest threats targeting macOS. This is especially important as Macs continue to flourish, especially in the enterprise, where predictions of Mac in the enterprise range from a 20% increase in 2024:
…to full dominance by the end of the …