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The Munchables Hack Is Way Worse Than It Seems

2024-03-27, Coindesk
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On Tuesday, March 26, Ethereum-based NFT-based “GameFi” project Munchables reported a hack that drained over 17,400 ETH (roughly $63 million) from its coffers. Within five hours of investigation, it became clear that the attack came from inside the house: a hired developer going by the alias “Werewolves0943” had drained the funds. Insiders stealing project funds is common enough in crypto that the term “rugpull” is common parlance — but what was unique about this situation is that the hired hands allegedly had ties to North Korea.
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After an hour of negotiations led by Munchables, along with independent blockchain investigator ZachXBT and security firm PeckShield, Werewolves0943 was convinced to return all the funds. “The Munchables developer has shared all private keys involved to …