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Updates and Timeline for 3CX and X_Trader Hacks

2023-04-22, KimZetter
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Updates and Timeline for 3CX and X_Trader Hacks
Mandiant revealed this week that the hack of 3CX was actually a double supply-chain hack that first involved hacking and compromising another company's software. Here's a timeline of the events.
I’ve added a number of updates with new information to the story I published this week about the double supply-chain hack of 3CX VoIP software and Trading Technologies’ X_Trader financial trading program. You can read them all at this link.
Additionally, I thought it might be helpful to provide a timeline here (which I’ll update as the investigation unfolds).
The telephony company 3CX makes a popular VoIP software — Electron Desktop Application — for live chat, video conferencing and voice calls that is used by more than 600,000 organizations in 190 countries. Among its customers are AirFrance, American Express, BMW, ClubMed, Holiday Inn, McDonald’s, Toyota, and the National Health Service in the UK.
On March 30th, the …